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DBpedia as Tables released


As some of the potential users of DBpedia might not be familiar with the RDF data model and the SPARQL query language, we provide some of the core DBpedia 3.9 data also in tabular form as Comma-Seperated-Values (CSV) files which can easily be processed using standard tools such as spreadsheet applications, relational databases or data mining tools.

For each class in the DBpedia ontology (such as Person, Radio Station, Ice Hockey Player, or Band) we provide a single CSV file which contains all instances of this class. Each instance is described by its URI, an English label and a short abstract, the mapping-based infobox data describing the instance (extracted from the English edition of Wikipedia), and geo-coordinates (if applicable).

Altogether we provide 530 CVS files in the form of a single ZIP file (size 3 GB compressed and 73.4 GB uncompressed).

More information about the file format as well as the download link is found at DBpedia as Tables.