PhD Program

What is the DBpedia PhD Prorgam?

Knowledge graphs are a key factor for achieving industrial innovation as well as political transparency. Our mission is to unlock the potential Since 2007, DBpedia has nurtured its community, which has developed into one of the largest networks of professors, students and industry in the areas of Knowledge Engineering and Linked Data.

In recent years, we have seen a steep increase in demand for Knowledge Engineers and academic expertise in industry and public bodies. Besides pushing the boundaries on the technologies behind the DBpedia KG, data quality and our online services, our mission is also to nurture the network of experts around DBpedia. With the PhD program, we would like to establish durable connections in our network between academia, students and industry and also supply expert labor to our members.

Companies, who are searching for qualified knowledge engineers and talents can request material about the DBpedia PhD program, including a list of professors and their research expertise.

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