Get In Touch

Interact with other DBpedia enthusiasts and get in contact with the community and the association. Find out how you can contribute and improve DBpedia and how you can report a bug in the github issue tracker.

DBpedia Events

On a regular basis we organize DBpedia events like community meetings, hackathons, tutorials and workshops. See in which cities and at which conferences we already hosted a meeting and which events are coming up. 

Google Summer of Code

Since 9 years DBpedia has been part of the GSoC, a global program that brings student developers into open source software development. We are equipped with a lot of mentoring experience and look forward to supporting new students.

DBpedia Extensions

Data, Tools and Services

DBpedia evolves with the innovative and active use of its community members who constantly create the emerging DBpedia-related material. We value the efforts of the individual members contributing open data, tools and services for a shared reuse and application by the whole DBpedia community. This is the place to find inspiration, stay up to date with the latest community implementations and provide feedback to fellow DBpedians.

DBpedia Challenges and Calls

You want to work with DBpedia but don’t know what to develop? Check out the ongoing challenges and calls provided by the DBpedia Association board and participate in the provision of new data, tools and services.

Snapshot Release

Are you looking for the DBpedia Snapshot Release?

Check here!


Getting Started

Here you can see how to run a MARVIN extraction. MARVIN is the release bot that does automated DBpedia releases each month on three different servers extracting generic data, abstracts, mappings and Wikidata.

Improve DBpedia

DBpedia is enhanced through the contribution of its community. Check out how you can contribute and help to improve DBpedia. You find general information on how you can start and we list new ideas for your contribution.


Core Publications

Catch up on essential DBpedia research. DBpedia is the basis for so many scientific publications. Find current research papers, journal articles and conference contributions about DBpedia in this section.

Developer Documentation

Since its establishment in 2006, the DBpedia project published several terabytes of data. This wiki serves as the central point for the community to document, coordinate and develop the DBpedia Databus, DBpedia’s data as well as its applications and services.

Training Material

Practice and improve your skills with DBpedia. If you like what our project does but are still new to DBpedia there are a few videos, tutorials, presentations and articles that can help you get started. Learn from the DBpedia developers and community!