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  • DBpedia Day in Leipzig @ SEMANTiCS 2023

    October 10, 2023
    Up to 120 DBpedians joined the DBpedia Day on September 20, 2023, in Leipzig, Germany. This year’s meeting was again co-located with the SEMANTiCS conference.  read more
  • A year with DBpedia – Retrospective Part 2/2023

    January 4, 2024
    This is the final part of our journey through 2023. In the previous blog post we have presented the DBpedia highlights. Now we will take a look at the second half of 2023 and give an outlook for 2024. Tutorial @  Language, Data and Knowledge conference On 13th of … read more
  • Recap 2023: A Year with DBpedia

    December 4, 2023
    Can you believe it..? … sixteen years ago the first DBpedia dataset was released. Sixteen years of development, improvements and growth. Now more than 4,100 GByte of data is hosted on the DBpedia Databus. We want to take this as an opportunity to send out a big “Thank you!” … read more
  • Snapshot Release

    Are you looking for the DBpedia Snapshot Release?

    Check here!
  • Retrospective: Google Summer of Code 2023

    November 1, 2023
    We received 27 project proposals for this GSoC edition. For the 12th year in a row, we have been able to support and guide young, ambitious developers who joined us as an open source organization to work on a programming project over this summer. This year we were once … read more
  • Retrospective 2023 – Half a year with DBpedia

    July 4, 2023
    Already, half of the year 2023 has passed by. Time for us to look back on the past half year. What have we achieved? What still lies ahead of us? In the following, we will take you on a retrospective tour through the first half of 2023. We will … read more
  • DBpedia – GSoC Bonding Period 2023

    May 4, 2023
    Great job! You have been chosen as one of our GSoC students for the summer of 2023, where you will be working together with DBpedia. We would like to introduce you to the DBpedia community, developers, and your mentors so that you can establish contact with them. Keep reading … read more
  • DBpedia Snapshot 2022-12 Release

    March 27, 2023
    We are pleased to announce immediate availability of a new edition of the free and publicly accessible SPARQL Query Service Endpoint and Linked Data Pages, for interacting with the new Snapshot Dataset.  News since DBpedia Snapshot 2022-09 Work in progress: Smoothing the community issue reporting and fixing at Github … read more
  • GSoC2023 – Call for Contributors

    March 2, 2023
    Are you a student looking for a summer experience that combines coding skills with open source development? Then look no further than the Google Summer of Code program 2023, where you can join forces with DBpedia to help advance the state of the art in semantic web technologies. Build … read more
  • LOD activities at the National Archives of the Netherlands

    February 14, 2023
    By Ed de Heer About the National Archives This article describes the Linked Open Data (LOD) activities of the National Archives of the Netherlands and is based on my presentation at Semantics 2022 in Vienna. At the National Archives people find information about their lives, Dutch (political/administrative) history and … read more
  • A year with DBpedia – Retrospective Part 2/2022

    January 12, 2023
    This is the final part of our journey through 2022. In the previous blog post we already presented DBpedia highlights, events and tutorials. Now we want to take a look at the second half of 2022 and give an outlook for 2023. DBpedia Day @ Semantics Conference in Vienna … read more