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Month: February 2008

  • 4th ESWC Workshop on Scripting for the Semantic Web

    February 15, 2008
    As already during the last 4 years we again organize this year a workshop on Scripting for the Semantic Web, co-located on June 1st with European Semantic Web Conference in Tenerife, Spain. Scripting languages as PHP, JavaScript, Ruby etc. will play a crucial role for getting the Semantic Web … read more
  • DBpedia 3.0 Release

    February 10, 2008
    We announce the availability of the DBpedia 3.0 final release. Downloads are available at http://wiki.dbpedia.org/Downloads. For a list of changes since DBpedia 2.0, see the Changelog. Most notably, multi-language support was improved, new linked data sets added, and extraction code improved. Compared to the 3.0 release candidate, a number … read more