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A year with DBpedia – Retrospective Part 2/2021


This is the final part of our journey through 2021. In the previous blog post we already presented DBpedia highlights, events and tutorials. Now we want to take a look at the second half of 2021 and give an outlook for 2022.

LSWT 2021

We kicked-off the summer with an online tutorial at the Leipziger Semantic Web Day (LSWT). For the first time ever the LSWT team extended the program and organized a second conference day for DBpedia enthusiasts. Many thanks to the hosts and organizing team! It was a pleasure to be part of the LSWT again.If you were unable to take part in the tutorial, please check our slides here or watch the video on the DBpedia Youtube channel.   

DBpedia Snapshot 2021-06 Release

On 23rd of July, 2021 we announced the DBpedia Snapshot 2021-06 Release. Historically, this release has been associated with many names: “DBpedia Core”, “EN DBpedia”, and — most confusingly — just “DBpedia”. In fact, it is a combination of the EN Wikipedia data, 62 million community-contributed cross-references links as well as community extensions such as additional ontologies and taxonomies. Read the announcement on the blog

Tutorial at the LDK Conference and DBpedia Day at the SEMANTiCS Conference

At the beginning of September 2021 we jumped on a plane and gave a tutorial at the Language, Data and Knowledge (LDK) conference in Zaragoza, Spain. Building upon the success of the previous events held in Galway, Ireland in 2017, and in Leipzig, Germany in 2019, the conference brought together researchers from across disciplines concerned with the acquisition, curation and use of language data in the context of data science and knowledge-based applications. This tutorial was a great success and if you would like to catch up and check our slides, please click https://tinyurl.com/TutAtLDK. Few days later we travelled to Amsterdam, The Netherlands, to join this year’s SEMANTiCS Conference. 

The DBpedia Day was part of the conference and was held on the last day of the conference on 9th of September at the Theater de Meervaart. Our CEO, Sebastian Hellmann, opened the DBpedia Day with an update about the DBpedia Databus and our members. He presented the huge and diverse network DBpedia has built up in the last 13 years. Afterwards, Maria-Esther Vidal, TIB, completed the opening session with her keynote “Enhancing Linked Data Trustability and Transparency through Knowledge-driven Data Ecosystems”. Furthermore, we organized a member presentation session, an ontology and a NLP session, where experts presented NLP and DBpedia-related topics. In case you missed the event, all slides are also available on our event page. Further insights, feedback and photos about the event are available on Twitter via #DBpediaDay

Member Features on the Blog

At the beginning of November 2020 we started the member feature on our blog. In 2021 we continued and published further interesting posts and news about our members. We gave our members the chance to present special products, tools and applications. We published several posts in which members, i.e.Triply, WorldLift, Wallscope, eccenca, Diffbot, and the Network Institute (NI) of VU Amsterdam, shared unique insights with the community. Next year we will continue with interesting posts and presentations. Stay tuned!

DBpedia Snapshot 2021-09 Release

On October 22, 2021 we announced the immediate availability of a new edition of the free and publicly accessible SPARQL Query Service Endpoint and Linked Data Pages, for interacting with the new Snapshot Dataset. Since the last release we made a few changes. Release notes are now maintained in the Databus collection (2021-09), we improved the image and abstract extractor and the DBpedia team worked on the community issue reporting and fix tracker at Github. The full release description including further statistics can be found on https://www.dbpedia.org/blog/snapshot-2021-09-release/.   

DBpedia Knowledge Graph Tutorial for Beginners

On 2nd of December, 2021 we organized the masterclass “Knowledge Graph tutorial for beginners” at the Connected Data World event. In this masterclass, participants learned how to consume the DBpedia Knowledge Graph with the least amount of effort. Furthermore, the masterclass introduced the DBpedia KG and we explained its dataset partitions. In case you missed the event, please watch the recorded session here.  

We do hope we will meet you and some new faces during our events next year. The association wants to get to know you because DBpedia is a community effort and would not continue to develop, improve and grow without you. We plan to have meetings or tutorials at the Data Week in Leipzig, the Web Conference’22, and the SEMANTiCS’22 conference. We wish you a happy New Year!

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on behalf of the DBpedia Association