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Links to DBpedia from Ontos NLP web services


The NLP specialist Ontos extends the quality and amount of information for developers by integrating its news portal into the Linked Data Cloud. Ontos’ GUIDs for objects are now dereferencable – the resulting RDF contains owl:sameAs-attributes to DBpedia, Freebase and others (cf. e.g the entry for Barack Obama).

Within the news portal Ontos crawls news articles from diverse online sources, uses its cutting-edge NLP technology to extract facts (objects and relations between them), merges these information with existing ones and stores them including respective references to the original news article – all of this fully automatically. Facts from Ontos’ portal are accessible via a RESTful HTTP API. Fetching data is free – in order to receive an API key, developers have to register (e-mail address only!) at Ontos’ homepage.

For humans Ontos provides a search interface at http://www.ontosearch.com. It allows to look-up objects in the database and viewing respective summaries in HTML or RDF.

Please note that the generated RDF does currently contain a small part of existing information (e. g. no article references yet). Ontos will extend the respective content step-by-step.