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Retrospective: Google Summer of Code 2023


We received 27 project proposals for this GSoC edition.

For the 12th year in a row, we have been able to support and guide young, ambitious developers who joined us as an open source organization to work on a programming project over this summer. This year we were once again inspired by new project ideas, great results and dedicated students. From the numerous and wonderful project applications we received, we were able to select six proposals to take part in the GSoC with their project idea. Every year, Google Summer of Code offers a great opportunity to work on projects remotely while getting a deep insight into open source projects like ours – DBpedia.

Meet our Google Summer of Code 2023 contributors and their projects

During our summer program, our six finalists worked intensely on their DBpedia projects and achieved great results to show to the public. Topics in the projects included machine learning and natural language processing, extraction frameworks and chatbot development. If you want to have deeper insights into our GSoC contributer’s work you can find their blogs and repos in the following list. Check them out! 

Thanks to mentors

Thanks to all our mentors around the world for joining our project and supporting us with their expertise and kindness. Above all, a big thank you to those who have supported us for many years in a row. Thank you all again for spending over 3.5+ months working with this year’s GSoC contributors and helping them become better open source contributors!

Mentor Summit

After the last GSoC Mentor Summit took place online and was therefore open to all organisation admins and mentors, this year a mentor was again selected to attend the Mentor Summit 2023, which took place from Friday 13th to Sunday 15th October at the TETRA & Marriott Hotel Sunnyvale, California and was attended by @DiegoMoussallem.

After GSoC is before the next GSoC

We can not wait for the 2024 edition. Likewise, if you are an ambitious contributor who is interested in open source development and working with DBpedia you are more than welcome to either contribute your own project idea or apply for project ideas we offer starting in early 2024. If you would like to know where previous mentors and contributors are now working, please read our GSoC blog post about the last 10 years of DBpedia at GSoC. 

In case you like to mentor a project do not hesitate to also get in touch with us via dbpedia@infai.org

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Maria & Julia

on behalf of the DBpedia Association