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  • DBpedia 3.1 breaks 100 million triples barrier

    August 18, 2008
    Today, we released DBpedia 3.1. As always in the past years, the size of Wikipedia increased a lot over the past months. The new extraction contains 116,7 million triples, marking an increase of 27% over the previous version. Apart from the more recent Wikipedia dumps we used, some notable … read more
  • DBpedia 3.0 Release

    February 10, 2008
    We announce the availability of the DBpedia 3.0 final release. Downloads are available at http://wiki.dbpedia.org/Downloads. For a list of changes since DBpedia 2.0, see the Changelog. Most notably, multi-language support was improved, new linked data sets added, and extraction code improved. Compared to the 3.0 release candidate, a number … read more
  • DBpedia-Cyc linkage

    October 3, 2007
    The commonsense knowledge base Cyc or OpenCyc (when compared to DBpedia) seems to follow a rather top-down approach – first more abstract concepts and entities are represented and later Cyc started to include also more domain knowledge. This seems to be reasonable, since domain knowledge changes faster and there … read more
  • DBpedia PhD Symposium

    Join our DBpedia PhD Symposium at the Data Week Leipzig on July 6, 2022!

    Read more details!
  • DBpedia 2.0 released

    September 5, 2007
    After quite some work into improving the DBpedia information extraction framework, we have released a new version of the DBpedia dataset today. The renewed DBpedia dataset describes 1,950,000 “things”, including at least 80,000 persons, 70,000 places, 35,000 music albums, 12,000 films. It contains 657,000 links to images, 1,600,000 links … read more
  • New dataset containing links between DBpedia instances

    March 27, 2007
    A new dataset containing links between DBpedia instances is available for download. The dataset was created from the internal pagelinks between Wikipedia articles. read more
  • New release of the DBpedia dataset

    March 17, 2007
    Changes: Improved quality of short abstracts, additional long abstracts, links to external webpages added, links to Wikipedia pages in different languages added. read more