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KB, National Library of the Netherlands

Mission statement

The KB is the national library of the Netherlands. Driven by the power of the written word we further intellectual development, proficiency and creativity in the Netherlands. To this end, we seek collaboration with partners in the domains of public libraries, cultural heritage and academics. The KB promotes the visibility, usability and longevity of the Dutch Library Collection, defined as the collective holdings of all publicly funded libraries in the Netherlands. Unhindered access to these collections furthers the development of new ideas and allows researchers to build upon the ideas of their predecessors.

Our vision: the power of the network

The quality of the chain of access to public information and the very existence of the responsible organizations is determined by their mission statement and their position within the networks in which they operate. A thorough understanding of each partner’s role in the network must underlie any strategy. The KB builds its activities upon the power of her network.

In November 2016 DBpedia announced that Dutch DBpedia Language Chapter was the first chapter which signed the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). There were various intentions why they signed the MoU: First of all they support the goals of the DBpedia Association, secondly they strengthen their own chapter and community of contributors and thirdly they improve the cooperation with the Dutch research infrastructure and the Dutch Digital Heritage. The cooperation was initiated by Koninklijke Bibliotheek (National Library of the Netherlands) and Huygens ING (research institute of History and Culture). Other partners like imec/Ghent University, the Network Institute (on behalf of the VU Amsterdam) and the Institute of Sound and Vision have signed as well and became an executive partner of the DBpedia Association. It is a cooperation between these Dutch organizations as well as the NL-DBpedia community.


Primary role
National Library of the Netherlands

Autonomous administrative body since 31 August 1993, financed by the Ministry of Education, Culture & Science

€ 91 million

349,76 full time equivalents = 412 employees (31-12-2016)

Strategic priorities for 2019-2022

1. Setting the written word to work in society;

2. Taking care of the written word;

3. Organising an infrastructure for the written word;

4. Developing our organisation and our networks.

(source: KB website)

Contact Person

Enno Meijers