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eccenca is a leading provider of enterprise knowledge graph management software and solutions. Being convinced that access to the right data on-time is at the heart of any company’s future business success, they help companies to master the complexity and dynamics of their knowledge, product and device lifecycles. They tirelessly work for their customers to overcome data silos, cut through complexity and manage the every-growing dynamics in decision and market cycles. This enables business units in companies to self-sufficiently control their data, rules and constraints, to enhance automation and build digital twins while facilitating seamless corporation between business units.

eccenca Corporate Memory

Its flagship product eccenca Corporate Memory provides a multi-disciplinary integrative platform for managing rules, constraints, capabilities, configurations and data in a single application. This lays the foundation for data integration, access and reusability across hundreds to thousands disparate sources.

Machine-learning powered mapping interface

Machine-learning powered interface for mapping disparate sources

Before enterprises can realize the full potential of their data, it’s paramount that they establish a framework that provides a shared understanding of their data as well as access to it. Our solutions provide enterprises with three main abilities: company-wide identification and access of their data, explicit data semantics for automation, empowerment of its lines of business to work agile. eccenca Corporate Memory is the foundation to achieve that by providing a one-stop-shop for building, exploring, consuming and governing enterprise data.

René Pietzsch, Head of Product Management

eccenca Corporate Memory workbench

eccenca Corporate Memory workbench
The highly extensible, interoperable enterprise knowledge graph platform re-establishes global data transparency in enterprises as well as line-of-business ownership to a complex and dynamic data environment.  As a result companies are empowered to digitally scale knowledge for automation, digital twins and AI applications, because their data fabric consists of truly FAIR data. This means their data is findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable.

Example of metadata management interface

Example of metadata management interface
By making enterprise data both machine-readable and human-interpretable, enterprises are enabled to drive agility, autonomy and automation without disrupting existing IT infrastructures.


Visit https://eccenca.com/themagic to discover all features and benefits or check the release notes repository for the latest updates.

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