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The Netherlands Institute for Sound & Vision

Sound & Vision (NISV) is the leading institute for media in the Netherlands and one of the largest audiovisual archives in the world. It is an inspiring, creative and welcoming meeting place for professionals and others interested in the industry; online, in its physical museum and sometimes on location. NISV preserves and provide access to different types of media, including radio and television programmes, video games, written print media, political cartoons, GIFs, websites and historical objects. The institute operates as a visitor attraction aimed at the general public and is visited by over 200,000 people annually. Sound and Vision is one of the leading authorities when it comes to providing insight into the Dutch media landscape and interpreting current developments from the perspective of media history. This is done with the aim of showing how media impacts everyday life and in conjunction with many partners, including researchers in HSS (as a core partner of CLARIAH) research and Computer Science, creative media makers, business stakeholders and relevant influencers. The research agenda of the institute covers topics such as: developing search interfaces to meet expectations of various user groups, new annotation approaches: (semi)automatic and using crowdsourcing, semantic interoperability, dynamic contextualization of the collections, interaction models and digital preservation for long-term access. AI techniques are used to generate metadata (speaker labels, face identification, entity extraction, speech-to-text) of moving images and sounds. Sound & Vision uses AI technology offered by Dutch SME’s and in many cases co-developed with academia.

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