DBpedia Tutorial at LDK 2023

September 13, 2023
Centre for Translation Studies, University of Vienna
Gymnasiumstraße 50

We are happy to announce that we will organize a DBpedia Tutorial on September 13, 2023 in Vienna, Austria. This DBpedia tutorial will be part of the Language, Data and Knowledge conference 2023. Building upon the success of the previous events held in in Leipzig, Germany in 2019, and Zaragoza, Spain in 2021 this conference will bring together researchers from across disciplines concerned with the acquisition, curation and use of language data in the context of data science and knowledge-based applications. 

Quick facts


Over the past year, the DBpedia core team has consolidated a large amount of technology around DBpedia. This tutorial is targeted for developers (in particular of DBpedia Chapters) that wish to learn how to use the core DBpedia technology and in particular the DBpedia Knowledge Graph and the DBpedia Databus publishing platform.

It will cover the following topics:

  • DBpedia Knowledge Graph in the Nutshell
  • How to use the DBpedia Databus publishing platform
  • How to deploy local instance of the DBpedia Databus
  • … with many real-world practical use cases around these technologies

Registration / Tickets

Attending the DBpedia Stack tutorial is free. Registration is required though. After the registration for the event, you will receive an email with more instructions. Please register here to be part of the meeting: 

Please keep in mind that registration closes on the 10th of July 2023.


  • Milan Dojchinovski, InfAI, DBpedia Association
  • Jan Forberg, InfAI, DBpedia Association
  • Julia Holze, InfAI, DBpedia Association
  • Sebastian Hellmann, InfAI, DBpedia Association


Please open the links to the presentation slides in a new browser window.