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The QA Company

The QA Company is specialized in Question Answering solutions (QA systems).
We want to bring to organizations the latest research advances in question answering technologies with our solution: QAnswer.

Our mission is to provide immediate access to corporate information through natural language queries.


QAnswer represents the first enterprise solution allowing access to knowledge graphs via natural language. Its ability to interpret a user’s request and convert it into a structured request against a knowledge graph is driven by a combination of NLP, graph search, machine learning (ML), information retrieval (IR), and Semantic Web technologies. The core of QAnswer is multilingual, highly scalable, supports keyword questions, flexible regarding how the knowledge is modeled in your knowledge graph

Feel free to contact us to learn more about our solution, have a demo (such as our work for the European Commission or other examples) or book a meeting with our team! We will be pleased to tell you all about our work.


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Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheQACompany
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/qanswer/

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Dennis Diefenbach