WikiYarn – Knowledge at your fingertip

WikiYarn is an application to browse the vast knowledge of Wikipedia quickly and efficiently. It works as a research tool as well as a knowledge recommendation engine made for everyday use and for the general public.

The salient features of the app include

1. Topic suggestions in three different categories (available on web app and Android)

a. Similar Topics – Categorically similar results using our own algorithm

b. Related Topics – Topics related to the query primarily using Wikipedia APIs

c. More results – Further interesting results using our experimental algorithm

2. Compare two Wikipedia topics (Android app only)

3. Multiple Wikipedia categories based queries (Android app only)

4. Wikipedia feed – Trends, News, featured article, today in history etc. in one place (Android app only)

5. Home screen Widgets (Android app only)

How it works

Architecture of Wikiyarn

On the front-end side, it has both a web app and an Android app with a friendly user interface that suggests relevant Wikipedia topics to read. On the back-end side, it has APIs that use knowledge recommending algorithms written in node.js, which can be integrated with any application. It uses both DBpedia data and Wikipedia APIs as data sources.

WikiYarn App Screencast


The following APIs are available

1. Similar topics

2. Related topics

3. Compare two topics

4. Category Query

Though it is primarily for internal use, we are open to commercialization.

External Links

Android App:

Web App: