Linked Data Fragments

submitted: May 18, 2017 by Ruben Verborgh

Triple Pattern Fragments (TPF) is a Linked Data interface that minimizes server processing, while enabling efficient querying by clients

  • Data dumps allow full querying on the client side, but all processing happens locally. Therefore, it is not Web querying: the data is likely outdated and only comes from a single source.
  • Subject pages also require low server effort, but they do not allow efficient querying of all graph patterns. For instance, finding a list of artists is near impossible with regular dereferencing or Linked Data querying.
  • Compared to SPARQL results, Triple Pattern Fragments are easier to generate because the server effort is bounded. In contrast, each SPARQL query can demand an unlimited amount of server resources.

The DBpedia datasets are made available through a TPF interfaces using which SPARQL queries can be evaluated. Next to that, TPF makes it very easy to perform federated queries over multiple datasources, which makes it possible to for example query all art works on Cubism by combining DBpedia with the VIAF dataset. Furthermore, thanks to the Memento extension, not only the latest DBpedia release, but all previous releases can be queried as well.