ImageSnippets is an image based, data-centric platform that links machine-readable descriptions to images, using cutting-edge Semantic Web and Linked Data technology and standards.

With ImageSnippets you can

  • Annotate
  • Manage
  • Retrieve
  • Share
  • Publish

your metadata. In this case, metadata means any information you want to attach to an image. But we have found that it can also be used as a methodology for the collaborative construction of applied ontologies as well as a framework for researching all kinds of data about images. The system includes utilities for computer vision augmentation, dataset building, a SPARQL endpoint and custom entity-relation linking tools for human users to build image graphs using public datasets such as DBpedia and techniques for using images to explore inference across linked datasets.

How does ImageSnippets work?

Semantic technology links data using RDF :

  • A subject, a property, and an object
  • The subject of the image can either be the image or a region in the image.
  • The property describes how the keyword relates to the image, such as: “depicts” or “looks like”.
  • The object is like a normal keyword phrase or tag, such as: “Windows”, “Silhouette”, “New Orleans”, etc.
  • You can add as much or as little metadata as you want to an image.

How does ImageSnippets improve image sharing on the web?

 ImageSnippets is a tool for better image management, sharing and publishing.

  • Mis-attribution on the web
  • Complications with rights
  • Metadata stripping
  • Difficulty finding more complicated images in search engines – improving discover-ability for large image collections.

For more information have a look here