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Huygens ING

Back to the source: history unravelled with new technology. That’s the mission of Huygens ING, a research institute in the field of history and culture. We want to accomplish this by means of inspiring research and creating innovative tools to unlock, understand and analyse old, inaccessible sources. We do this in the fields of History, Literature, History of Science, and Digital Humanities.

A democratic society like the Netherlands requires enlightened and actively participating citizens, aware of their identity and able to make sensible choices. Involvement in society, however, can hardly exist without an idea of how it came about and an understanding of how it functions. Cultural participation and good up-to-date education in history, language and culture are essential for this purpose. The basis for this is established through top-quality research in the humanities. As the largest research institute in the Dutch humanities, the Huygens Institute of Dutch History (Huygens ING) plays a prominent role in this.

Our goal: a new perspective on the development of the Netherlands

The central question posed by Huygens ING is how the Netherlands has developed into the nation it is today. How did our identities come into being? What makes the Netherlands the Netherlands, what makes the Dutch the Dutch? Our answers come in the shape of monographs and articles, text editions, source publications, databases and websites. We are also experimenting with new forms of dissemination such as apps and serious games.

Our approach: advanced, fundamental and interdisciplinary

Our starting point is that digital humanities will lead to breakthroughs in humanities research in the coming period. More and more digital material will become available, making it possible to form large datasets for analysis.

Our target groups

Huygens ING wants to have both scientific and social impact. We not only focus on fellow researchers, but we also work for education, heritage institutions, the corporate sector, governments and a broad public interested in culture. Our research results come in many forms and have a broad impact. (source: Huygens Ing website)

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