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FinScience is a data-driven fintech company founded in 2017 by Google’s former senior managers and Alternative Data experts, who have combined their digital and financial expertise. FinScience, thus, originates from this merger of the world of Finance and the world of Data Science.

FinScience leverages founders’ experiences concerning Data Governance, Data Modeling and Data Platforms solutions. These are further enriched through the tech role in the european consortium SSIX (Horizon 2020 program) focused on the building of a Social Sentiment for financial purposes. FinScience applies proprietary AI-based technologies to combine financial data/insights with alternative data in order to generate new investment ideas, ESG scores and non-conventional lists of companies that can be included in investment products by financial operators.

FinScience platform is grounded on the DBpedia ontology: the greatest value, according to our long-time experience, is given by the possibility to connect knowledge in different languages, to query automatically-extracted structured information and to have rather frequently updated models.

FinScience daily retrieves content from the web. About 1.5 million web pages are visited every day on about 35.000 different domains. The content of these pages is extracted, interpreted and analysed to identify valuable information and sources. Thanks to DBpedia we can understand well what the digital world is talking about, based on named entity recognition performed on this huge amount of textual sources (news, blog, websites). Thanks to the structured information based on the DBpedia ontology, we can apply our proprietary AI algorithms to suggest to our customers the right investment opportunities.

FinScience is the only Italian one selected by ​ siliconrepublic.com​ among the 25 European deep-tech start-ups to watch in 2019 and it is part of the Datrix group with 3rdPlace (customer intelligence), ByTek (performance marketing) and PaperLit (content distribution & data monetization).

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Claudio Masolo